What we are?

We are the UK’s experts (and geeks!) for preowned smartphones, tablets and smart watches

Why do we exist?

We are a social enterprise dedicated to enhancing people lives’ by providing access to the latest technology at affordable prices whilst protecting earth’s valuable resources through the reuse of preowned product. We are committed to donating at least half of our net profits to social causes focused on giving young people a sustainable alternative to violence and crime.

How do we do it?

We source, test and curate the best smart mobile technology out there, then bring it to you, our customers at affordable prices - and without the need to for you to commit to long term network contracts!

We sell both new and preowned products. Our preowned range is security checked, fully tested, both functionally and cosmetically. Each preowned product is provided with our unique certification detailing the test results and security checks which is backed up with our brand new 12-month warranty and no quibble money back guarantee.

We are committed to helping you find and use mobile technology that makes life easier and more enjoyable whether it’s to learn, work or play. Not only do we pick the best products, but our team of bloggers are busy reviewing all the latest studies and research to help you get the most out of your mobile tech.

What we stand for:

  • Responsible citizens of UK
  • Customer champion
  • Environmental guardian by promoting reuse in whatever we do
  • Ensuring no one is disadvantaged by not having access to latest mobile technology
  • Community: By reinvesting in our young people to give them viable choices for the future


Our Vision

We are universally recognised as THE reuse experts of mobile technology making mobile tech accessible to all and in doing so, we are social champions committed to being responsible citizens by reinvesting in our communities and protecting planet earth’s resources.